About Lisa Petker Mintz

It has been almost 25 years since I graduated from Parsons School of Design with an education that has lasted a lifetime.

My paintings are autobiographical and focus on different places, people, and experiences in my life. The themes are personal but universal, death, love, divorce, marriage, and children dominant emotionally in the work.

Landscape and a sense of place also play a major role.

The act of picture making is a critical part of the journey. I need to make beautiful, cohesive, and entertaining paintings.

Over the years each series has involved viewing and reading about a variety of artists. I hear the voice of each artist whispering in my ear. I know I am not alone on this artistic journey.

I paint with the same intensity in which I live my life, but also maintain the naïve view that in today’s chaotic society there are moments in life that can be pure and beautiful.

Life is chaotic; I juggle so many different roles as a wife, mother, fitness fanatic, and artist. My working process is the same. I juggle many different images and materials. The process is trial and error until the conclusion is clear.

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